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WE SOLD OUR HOUSE AND WE GOT OUR FULL ADVERTISED ASKING PRICE!!!!!!!! More offers came in today and we accepted the highest. We are so pleased as it was a good $25000 more than we thought we would or could get. We have spent the last two weeks lovingly preparing the house and the estate agent said that when she opened the door for the open day it felt like she had opened a display home door of the most trendy and welcoming house. We had vanilla candles burning and every light on, the house was warm, but airy and even down to new fluffy towels in the bathroom. She has said that we made $10 000 plus a week for the two weeks since she saw it the first time as she had doubts about even putting that asking price on it.

We have both sat down today and said, wow, CCOR and The Secret and LOA etc has really changed our life. It gave me the kick in the backside to say YOU ARE WORTH IT. YOU DO WANT IT, IT WILL HAPPEN. It gave me the mindset that you can be happy with what you have and be grateful for that, but that doesnt mean you can't also aim for higher. It has given me the mindset that I can overcome whatever impedes our path with grace, with love, and with passion.

It is my intention with the new house we have purchased to make it a loving, prosperous and very social home. With open door to friends, with lots of socialising and where people feel comfortable, loved and cared for. A home of acceptance, A home of peace and a home of love. If anyone knows much about Feng Sui, can you contact me as I believe this has a huge bearing on a home.

Peace, Light, Love, Hope, Prosperity and Acceptance for all.

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Comment by Cherette on April 1, 2008 at 11:26am
Wow... very inspiring!
Comment by Janine on March 31, 2008 at 5:49pm
Thanks Chenelle.
Comment by Chenelle on March 30, 2008 at 7:59am
This is a fantastic story, and it should be featured on the home page, newsletters, Oprah and everything else because it is such an inspiration. So happy for you


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