The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi Everyone!

Today, I will combine my gratitude journaling with my segment intending for today. I am sure, you all are aware of intending your day ahead as a tool. This technique has been mentioned a few times by Abraham Hicks, as well as in the book "The Secret".

Today I am grateful for:

my very pregnant cat - I was able to feel the babies move, how cool!
our little table grill - man, that thing makes good sandwiches!
the abundance of books I am surrounded by at my house
easy to use templates to make my blogs look decent - no matter how computer illiterate I am
scrapbook papers - I love to use those to write letters to my family in Germany, they are just so pretty!

Today I am intending the following:
- to have fun everywhere I am
- to enjoy my time with my children
- to write on my book
- to stay in touch with friends and family
- to take more pictures
- to keep my groups busy
- to find inspirational videos on youtube
- to listen to my favorite music
- to take all inspired actions that will come my way for today

How about you?



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