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I recently saw The Secret and was very intrigued by this concept and I have been living very much in tune with the laws of attraction without knowing that it had a name. I decided to join this group because it's great to be in touch with positive people who will help guide and support positive thoughts. So today is the day that I blog my way to a new set of goals that will someday be my reality.

Since I graduated from undergrad almost 4 years ago it has been a personal goal of mine to go back to school and get an MBA. I applied to Columbia and NYU last year and was rejected to both. But it's amazing how things happen in your life and it feels awful... but later on you realize it was a blessing in disguise. A week after I found out that I was rejected I received a promotion at my job. I looked at this as an opportunity to gain additional experience and save more money before school. I also found out that I was accepted into a fabulous and prestigious MBA prep program called Management Leadership For Tomorrow. Through this program I met the most fabulous people, gained tremendous experience, and was taught how to present the best package of my self through my application as well as during the interview process. I always knew that I would ultimately accomplish my goal of getting an MBA ... it was just a matter of when.

After expending my life and energy into 4 GMATs (like the SAT but more frustrating) and applying to six schools over the past year I am proud, humbled, and ecstatic to say that I'm six for six and couldn't feel more blessed!!! I have been accepted to Northwestern University, University of Michigan, Columbia, New York University, Emory University, and University of Pennsylvania. Not to mention -- I received full scholarships for 3 of the six schools. It's amazing what determination can do.

So now as I come to this crossroad in my life where I need to make a decision on which school I'm attending, I know that regardless of the school I will ultimately get to my goal of being a Product Manager within the high-tech industry.

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Comment by freezingiceblue on March 31, 2008 at 6:48pm
Wow - congratulations on your promotion and your achievements. I am on a similar programme and the people who I have met have been inspirational.
Comment by Chenelle on March 31, 2008 at 11:17am
Welcome to the challenge so great to have you here:-)


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