The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Every success has been accomplished by persistent concentration upon the object in view.

The title of this post is a quote from the book "The Master Key System", By Charles F. Haanel. Click on the link and you can download the book for free from "The Secret" website.

I've been studying this book with my sisters and some friends, and it has been very eye-opening! Things that I've heard or read many times before, are explained just a little bit better in this book, which was written in 1912. Can you imagine that? Almost 100 years ago, the concepts that we're learning now, was being taught and explained. What happened? Did these lessons not get taught to enough people? No, I think that we just weren't ready for it yet. I think, much like all children, we hadn't hit "the age of reason". We were still to young, to disconnected from each other. I know, so many people think that the internet is making us more disconnected from each other, but I disagree. I think that we're becoming so much closer, closer than we've ever been.

I think that it has to do with two things. 1. Our bodies are filled with electrical currents, and we're connecting to the internet through electrical currents. I think that because we are physically connecting to our computers, and connecting to the internet, that we're able to make an indirect physical connection to each other, one on one. And 2. Because it's deceptivelly "anonymous", we tend to be more open, vulnerable, and true online, than we ever are in person. We give more of ourselves to each other because we aren't seeing the reaction of the other person.

So that physical connection that brings us together, enhances the intimate emotional bond between the individuals who are connecting online. It's that intamcy that is what's needed for this new reality to come into being. It's the invisible bond that we've always been in contact with, that we've made it "real" through these computers & the internet. Through sites like this one, our connection to each other and to The Source are getting stronger. As that connection gets stronger, we get closer to creating the New Reality. That connection is the persistent concentration that is neccessary to accomplish our goal.

Exciting, isn't it!

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Comment by Cherette on March 31, 2008 at 11:49pm
Very exciting!

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