The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 2 of My first 100 day challenge

Yesterday was good. I learned alot and got my center and focus in place for this journey. It was lovely to meet so many of you that are in the same manifesting place as I am.

So today...

Today is going to be big. I am going to manifest one new client by doing things that only feel good. They will train 3 days a week, be eager, get great results and be happy to pay my price.

I also will remember my breath even more than I did yesterday. Which will rock, because it puts me in a great frame of mind whenever I do it.

I will have a blast doing my cardio and my laundry. And probably meet some amazing people while I do it.

I am going to keep my phone close by, because I am expecting at least one amazingly wonderful phonecall.

I love myself and so I share that love with those around me and it comes showering back over me multiplied. I feel attractive, healthy and wise and so that is how people see me and treat me.

Now...what to do for breakfast?!

Wish me fun! *HUGS*

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Comment by Melody on April 2, 2008 at 8:48pm
It was funny...I made this blog in the morning and then accidentally hit something aside from publish. I found it later. I think I might have done that with another one yesterday, also. Ooops. :)

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