The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I have been noticing that my instincts often give me good service.

Sometimes they lead me straight to the answer. Other times it leads me part way there - and then abandon me.

I saw one area where I thought we might live and I wondered why there were so many houses for sale. Also driving around it didn't feel quite right. I did a google search and found that there were issues with the houses (poor insulation, uncooperative developer etc)

So.... an occasion where my gut feel protected me. Thank you gut!

I had a good day today. Got lots done. I have been continuing with my combination of context lists in my little black book, along with a tiny diary where I write down things that absolutely must be done on a particular day, and my journal which I write every morning in the coffee shop near work. That helps me make sense of what has happened in the previous day, and set out what my thoughts are for the day in hand.

I have found keeping a journal for work, and this one for everything else to be really valuable. I cannot believe that it has been 30 days so far!

I have achieved so much and attracted some great things into my life. It is also the 9th anniversary of me proposing to my fiancee in Tottenham Court Road in London (at 4.30am!) That was amazing, and I love thinking back to the time. The sounds, the smells, what I saw, etc.

I am looking forward to getting more exercise. I plan to have a go in the morning with cycling. It is a little like Ulysses and the sirens though.... I want to go cycling in the morning, but confronted with the idea of a lie in, and having to go downstairs to the garage... i change my mind. My decisions could be more time-consistent.

Anyway. Great day. I am blessed with such a great work environment and fun people to work with who inspire and motivate me. My team are amazing, helpful, and so hard working. I could not perform so well without them.

Salute to my team!


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Comment by freezingiceblue on April 2, 2008 at 6:04pm
Thanks !! We haven't made concrete plans yet. We think we will get married next year as it will be 10 years of meeting. I think it will be amazing. We met in Ibiza on a clubbing holiday in 1998.
Comment by Zara on April 2, 2008 at 5:46pm
Thats good about your gut feeling. You've been engaged for 9 years congratulations! Have you plans when your getting married?

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