The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello all!

Today has been wonderful. I was so productive. I finished all of my laundry. It is so nice to have it all done at once!

I got my hour of cardio in (3rd day in a row!) and it went so nicely. I work my but off...but the time really flies. I listened to Louise Hays "Totality of Possibilities" CD. She is simply magical. I love her. I just spend an hour on that machine sweating and smiiiling like a goof. Heheh

I also received an unexpected check in my mailbox today. How cooool is that. I firmly agree with Proctor when he says that our work is not where we want to get our money. Its a place where we express our creativity and I think a place where we provide service. But the universe is really where we get our money. The less I define where my money comes from, the more surprising places it pops up.

My appetite is low right now. Cardio does that.

I am going to focus my attention tonight on manifesting a trip to mexico. Three days and two nights would be perfect.

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