The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello all...I am just settling in for the night.

I received a call this evening...a part time job that I applied for last week called and want to interview later this week. He sounded like such a nice person. He seemed to really appreciate my skill set from my resume and mentioned how he could be flexible with the hours TWICE. It would be great to have something to do while I am building up my business!

I am so glad that I have pets. They bring me such joy, warmth, good company...evenings that my son is with his dad they just make my day! They are just so funny.

I am going to finish the night with some toast and some Louise Hay (You can heal your life). I love how she connects our fears, feeling and anger with different diseases and supplies the necessary affirmations right there! The first affirmation that I ever read and the first time I read anything by her was an "Ask Louise" column in a metaphysical magazine. It said:

I deserve to live a good life
I now choose to allow the universe to love and support me at every turn
I am a precious and deserving being
I allow life to love and cherish me
All is well, life is good.

I kept that little piece of paper...until I memorized that. I say it often. Sometimes fast, sometimes slowly, sometimes aloud, sometimes in my head...It struck a chord with me for the first time and it assured me that my thoughts were my issue, and if I can change my thoughts I can change anything.

Good night all.

Tomorrow is going to be Superb and I want to be well rested for it!

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