The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 5/100 of my first 100 day challenge

Its a good day! I made a step toward my goal of getting my cat fixed. I made the appointment. It sounds miniscule, Im sure. But I was really procrastinating on this. Just dreading it. But Tuesday it will all be taken care of.

I went to the gym today...1 hour of cardio on the eliptical trainer and half an hour of lifting for back and biceps. On my way there I saw a bike juuust like the one Im manifesting. But it was red. Ill know when I see mine because it will be purple and someone will be giving it to me. It made me smile though. I got my affirmations done early in the sauna again. I like doing it in there.

I had an interview today. The job would be just perfect I think. If it really would be perfect then he will be hiring me sometime early next week. Otherwise I will just assume that the perfect job is still on its way.

It was a gorgeous drive today. Clear and sunny.

My eating is still light...but I get bursts of stronger hunger and when I do I totally give in to them. I go with the flow...down stream. Im not going to be hungry or harboring some incredible cravings. Not when I live in a place with such abundance...seems ungrateful.

Hugs to everyone! Im gonna go check in on you all :)

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