The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 64 Series 3 Maintaining focus on more than one goal

One thing the last couple of weeks has taught me is how difficult I find it to concentrate on more than one goal at a time.
I have concentrated so hard on getting the house sold and a new one purchased that I dropped the ball a bit as far as my business is concerned. Then no sooner had I started concentrating on my business, the house sale became more complicated with delays to contracts etc..LOL< business is picking up though.
This week, my goal is to increase my number of appointments by 3 and to gain a referal partner.
Oh and more news is that it looks like I may also be researching properties for a company on behalf of overseas and interstate buyers. I can do this alongside my existing business and it will in fact enhance my existing business. By research, it means inspecting the property, taking lots of photos to send to the buyer, researching the area, checking things like closeness to amenities, the signs of criminal damage in the area, etc etc. All these sorts of things are not always detailed by real estate agents, but buyers want and need to know. It means too, that we have yet another income stream which will take it up to 4 for the family. My husband has his job of course, Im a mortgage broker, I sell natural products ie soap powders, vitamin and minerals, fish oils and other dietary suplements (I started doing this as we go through heaps of fish oil as its good for kids with autism and I wanted one that was mercury free) and now property research.......I think the next income stream will be along the lines of stock market trading. My aim for the next 3 months is to get my businesses up and running to the point that I can pay the mortgage from my income streams and investing that leftover of my husbands. My goal now is to get this family into a great financial position and I will detail that more once I have clearly expanded on what the goal is.

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