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Creating Enlightened Wealth
Issue #3

Giving is the 1st pillar of creating Enlightened Wealth

"When two people come together with the intention of giving maximum, both receive maximum."

This is a fundamental law of nature. Business is about giving value. Relationships are about giving love and understanding. It is through giving that we increase abundance in our world.

Each of us is unique. We each have unique gifts Your gifts, whatever they may be, are for the purpose of increasing abundance in the world. You may do that emotionally, mentally, physically/materially, or spiritually. However you give your gifts, you increase the abundance in the world. Likewise, when you are not giving your gifts, there is less abundance.

Giving has two effects. One is the obvious, the other is subtle, and often unseen. Buckminster Fuller described the subtle effects as "precession." He said that the real effects of any action happen at 90 degrees to the action.

The example he gave was of a bee. The bee goes from flower to flower collecting honey. Collecting honey is the bee's intent. Yet in the process, the bee collects pollen and then deposits some of that pollen with the next flower. Through this precessionary process cross-pollination occurs.

When you give to another two effects are created. The obvious effect is the benefit the recipient gains from your gift. The subtle effect is the influence created by the giving. When the giving is with an open heart, without expectation of receiving something in return, a subtle influence is created which produces results that can not be predicted in advance.

Notice this in your life and you will find that most of the good (or bad) things which happen to you are the result of the subtle influences created by your actions. When your actions are based on giving with an open heart and mind, then things show up which never could have been predicted in advance.

You can only give what you have to give

You can only give what you have to give. Therefore, the fundamental principle of giving is to give to your self, even as you give to others. If you give to others, without giving to your self, then sooner or later, you will be depleted and unable to give any more.

Thus, enlightened giving is balanced giving. Giving which takes into account all parties to any transaction. This is the real meaning of "win-win."

Thank you for choosing to make the principles of enlightened wealth a part of your life and your work.

We much thanks,

Chris and Janet

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Comment by Nicole Orozco on April 9, 2008 at 5:02pm
I just had the same insight. It is not a new law but an easy one to ignore when we are living in a lack consciousness instead of an abundance consciousness.

Have a great day!


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