The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Somehow, I feel that Universe wants me to do something. To love more, to dream more, to manifest more.
In a world where positive and negative thoughts are flowing around, happiness is just a matter of choosing where to put your attention. You can be always living thinking that you need to "do things" to "change" things, feeling the insatisfaction without doing anything but perfect plannings with no beginning or deadlines. Movement is necesary as well in order to reach the top of your dreams path.
Aftear two months of staying staring at the "Vision Board" pdf, without printing it or really take it in consideration... the time to move has come.

I`m Fer Ayguavives, a 22 years old spanish guy. I study psychology at Santiago of Compostela, and I want to learn to help others to manifest their dreams, and enlight their path when it seems to dark to walk.

My Vision Board it´s ready now, I`m ready too...
And I`m glad to share this dreaming path with all of you!

*Thought of the day:
If you really want to be happy with your own life, it´s not just a matter of looking far away in the future. Time perspective it´s necesary. Hug your past and the things you´ve done and lived before, as they are the key to who you are now. Don´t allow shame, envy or self-pity dominate you. Smile, enjoy, work and love in the present, live the flow without fear, trust yourself, and there will be no stopping to achieve your vision board.

** Please, forgive my english level! My native language it´s spanish, and i`m still learning...!

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Comment by Nicole Orozco on April 16, 2008 at 12:14pm
You are so right about movement. I have a degree in psychology also. I also want to love and be happy while helping people in the world. It takes a vision and movement. I will finish our dreamboard today!

Comment by Fer Ayguavives on April 14, 2008 at 3:18pm
Oh! My first comment! ho-ho!
Thanks for your kind words, Claudia! If someone from the US can understand my english, it only could be because my english is not so bad... or maybe you´re super inteligent woman? lol
Now, seriously. It´s hard to find "inspired action", difference the ego desires from the chances to unlock the true potential all of us have inside... but I`m sure CCOR it´s a great iniciative, and it helps a lot.
I`m very very thankful to all of you, inspiring-people!

Comment by Claudia Blanton on April 14, 2008 at 12:13pm
First of all, your English is fine. I am originally from Germany, but live, work and dream in the US. We are from all over the world here, so, there is no one who would worry about correct whatever language you want to communicate in.
I really enjoyed your post. You are correct that motion is so important, but inspired motion, not the random kind most of the world is going after. Inspired action, driven action, passionate action, that is when you heart sings full with joy, and you can hardly wait to follow that impulse, is what I wish you today, and always.
May you always have such a wonderful open, kind heart, as you are displaying here.



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