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Spiritual practices, ceremonies and prayer.

Spiritual practices, ceremonies and prayer.

Spiritual practices, ceremonies and prayer all are effective if, when you do them you feel the emotion of relief. Because then they are Spiritual…moving you towards your Spirit. However, if you are doing them as a chore and can’t wait for it to end, then you do not feel relief and you will receive very limited results. Here is something to ponder…which do you think is more spiritual…dragging yourself to church on Sunday because you are supposed to be there, just reciting the prayers and wishing the service was almost over or going bowling and having a great time? If you are not feeling guilty about not going to church and are feeling great bowling, then bowling aligns you with your Spirit more than going to church. So for some, bowling is more Spiritual than church! You don’t move Spiritwards (my!) by going to a location on a specific date. You go Spiritwards by going to that feeling place called relief. Spiritual practice is always an inward journey which may be enhanced by outward practices, ceremonies or prayer.

So, what am I saying here? You are always practicing Spirituality whenever you reach for thoughts that bring the emotion of relief. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to feel love and appreciation to be practicing Spirituality. Spirituality may look like anger, rage, frustration, hope, etc. The key is to be aware of the way you feel and find thoughts that bring relief. You are not necessarily being less Spiritual if you are in a place of anger and someone else is in a place of hope. If you were depressed and you reach for anger, that is as Spiritual as someone in frustration who reaches for hope. As long as you are reaching for thoughts of relief, that is the only thing that matters.

FEEL your way towards your Spirit. ALLOW your alignment to Spirit. Don’t try to force it to happen by action…it won’t work!!

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