The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 9 of 100 - Taking Charge of our Life

Every problem`s a potential chance to grow up. Instead of complaining, use your 100 day reality challenge as a good energy source to keep your inner fight!

The Ultimate Goals Program,a very interesting book written by Brian Tracy, gave me many interesting advices to achieve my goals.
1.- Identify your biggest problem of source of negativity in life today. In what ways are you responsible for this situation?
2.- Resolve today to stop blamming anyone else for anything and instead accept complete responsibility in every area of your life. What actions should you take?

My experience...
When I read this, I realised about something. For months, I´ve been discussing with my flat partners, because no one was cleanning the plates. That is something important to me! I`m not so neurotic with this things, but if you haven´t a tidy home, unconsciously you are not receiving good energies from your "sanctuary".
Then I said to me "Ok, I`m gonna clean every dirty cup or plate" and I`m not gonna tell them to give me a medal. Since that day, I clean up everyday, and I took all the charge. Kitchen is my homework! Suddenly, they began to make things and clean too, and communication it´s really nice now. We have coffees together, we laugh and everyone seems to be in a positive mood. Yeah, I know you could say "Man, it´s just a kitchen!"... but the kitchen is at the entrance, and the first thing we now see when entering at home, it´s a shiny room. All I can say is:
Home... sweet home!

Thought of the day...!
This is just a simple example of how things may change if we take the iniciative! When we feel strong, and our hearts are smiling, is the perfect time not only to continue walking the dream path but also to solve some the problems that are draining our energies! As there is no ying without a yang, there is no hope without a fear, we must keep attention to both, and learn from them.
Every problem´s a potential chance to grow up. Instead of complaining, use your 100 day reality challenge as a good energy source!

Best wishes from Spain!

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