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Day 53/100 Season 1 - Inpsired & Surrounded by Believers...

Hi Co-Creators! I've had another wondetful day and am feeling fab!

• Work wasn't too hectic today, which was just as well since my computer was acting up (how funny that people I met later in the day mentioned the same thing happened to them and that it cuold be due to cosmic forces). I managed to get a great deal of groundwork organized for my new business plan. The little I was able to go through seemed to validate the opportunity for my idea but also inspired more ideas to enhance my original ones. I love when I go "there" I feel so excited and I can FEEL genuinely like I already have that which I'm intending and that I'm deserving of it - my vibrations are at their highest, most positive state when I am being creative in thought. - I am so grateful for the inspiration of my unique idea. I know this business, will be funded easily and will be a huge success once it comes to fruition!
• I attended my first local LOA meeting run by a wonderful couple who radiate such warmth, charisma and positivity. There was a great turnout of participants and it was a wonderfully eclectic mix of people, all of whom shared wonderful experiences, thoughts and intentions. We spoke a lot about recognizing and undoing negative belief systems, and muscle testing to assess the level at which you are allowing and we also talked about what others had manifested. It was all very interesting. I set my intention to have the information and sources I need for my new business plan to flow easily to me. As soon as the meeting ended, a wonderful lady I met there volunteered her assistance to me as she does a lot of business plan preparing in her line of work. I left the meeting feeling totally uplifted. - I am grateful for having people in my surrounding area who share the same beliefs as me. I am glad I made connections with people I never would have met otherwise. I am grateful my intentions are heard by the Universe and will be granted.
• I bought loads of groceries today and realized this is the first time I have gone grocery shopping (properly) since my break-up. I was lucky that I found and was tempted to make healthy food decisions, such as lots fruits and vegetables and wonderful low-fat food options. - I am grateful for the abundance of food I have available to me always as a result of unlimited money flowing to me. I am grateful for my wonderful car that never lets me down and always takes me where I need to go and brings me home with such reliability.
• My parents called me again today and its nice to know they care so much about me - I am grateful for parents who love me unconditionally and always have my best interests in mind.

Nothing today!

Nothing today!

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Comment by Zara on April 23, 2008 at 6:18pm
That's great how you have LOA meetings in your area, how did you find out about it?

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