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Hi Co-Creators! I'm quite tired today because of late nights lately, with my head whirling as I attempt to get some shuteye far later than I should be....

• I had a very productive day today in terms of both work and getting my business plan started. - I am grateful for a great job that pays me well and allows me the flexibility of a work/life balance. I am grateful for the inspiration I continue to have around this business concept.
• I had a lovely evening with "him" - he came around, we went to a sushi restaurant around the corner from me which we used to love to frequent came back to my place and watched Michael Moore's movie Sicko on DVD. It's both interesting and disturbing, as all his documentaries are, but it made me grateful - I am grateful for great health insurance benefits I receive from my employer. I am grateful that I enjoy incredibly good health and that I have options available to me if I ever need them. I am grateful for the great healthcare I receive. I am also grateful to "him" for treating me to a delicious meal and for his care and affection and that he is really trying to make it work again.

• I had a couple of frustrating moments at work thanks to computer issues and issues with my agency who doesn't respond to urgent situations fast enough can be incredibly unprofessional. - I do not let work happenings negatively affect my vibrations. Things that could go wrong for me at work never do. I work with a professional, creative and driven agency who is dedicated to client satisfaction and has fantastic project managment skills. My computer is flawless and never freezes on me!

Nothing today!

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Comment by Lena on April 24, 2008 at 6:08am
Oh, and I'm glad that things with "him" are going well, it's great to see him appreciating you and treating you and your great spirit too! It was only a matter of time before he saw the beauty in you :)
Comment by Lena on April 24, 2008 at 6:07am
Hey PJ,

It's lovely to read this update, and I'm so happy that things are flowing well for you now in all areas of your life. I imagine you are feeling amazing about all the great vibrations around you! And you deserve it all! You rock, keep your positive vibes flowing!

Much love

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