The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 56/100 Season 1 - Taking manifestations of "free" too far.....

Hello Co-creators! Another day just flew by! Here's a breakdown:

• Work was not too busy today so I got a bit of work on my business plan done. - All the information I need flows easily to me.
• I had lunch with a friend/colleague of mine who gave me some great advice about business school and career, as I've been wondering about business school lately.- I am grateful for friends with amazing experience that are willing to share their experiences with me and provide sound advice
• I went to a friend's house for dinner tonight and it was great to catch up. After dinner, four of us went for a drink to a nearby bar and realized after we left and had all gone home, we realized none of us had paid for the drinks! My friend who lives nearby is going to go and pay the bar tomorrow. - I am grateful for the abundance of free meals and drinks I get. All that I receive for free is through honest means and not at anyone's detriment.
• I had a healthy salad for lunch and grilled fish and vegetables for dinner and feel pretty good about eating healthy today. - I constantly make heatlhy food choices and it shows.
• One of my friends who often calls me for advice and who hads not been working for the last year, finally got a job today....and as she was telling me the story of how she got the job, how its the perfect (and generous) salary, how its the perfect timing and something beyond her control prevented this same interview from happening earlier, and how she had proclaimed in January that she would get the job she wanted exactly 1 year after she quit her job, and it happened exaactly so, we realized she had been using the LOA all along. I'm really happy for her and she was absolutely glowing and excited, which I haven't seen of her in a very long time. - I am gratefult to see proof of the Universe at work every day of my life.

• I got a call from the Doctor who is locuming for my Doctor while she is on maternity leave to let me know that my blood tests came back and that my thyroid levels seem to be too high now and I need to cut back on my medications. When I enquired why I was having the symptoms I was (that are representative of when your thyroid levels are too low and you need a higher dosage) she told me she didn't know and didn't offer any type of reason or express concern in helping me figure it out. I was disappointed with her lack of professional care and left a voicemail with my brother-in-law (who is a doctor too) to see what he can tell me. - I am healthy and strong and get appropriate care from my healthcare provider. My symptoms will disappear tomorrow.

Nothing today!

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Comment by Lena on April 26, 2008 at 11:30am
Beautiful optimism which is changing your world before your eyes, and ours :) So glad all good free gifts are flowing to you!! You're such a wonderful example for us, thank you for sharing!

Much love

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