The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 60/100 Season 1 - Numbers Numbers Numbers....

Good evening (or morning, depending where you are and when you read this) friends! It's about 1:20am here and I'm about to turn in. I have been trying to number crunch for my business plan, but its been a while since I did any kind of financial analysis, so its been challenging and I need some sleep to think clearly again...

• Work was OK again today and I got some financial stuff done for my business plan. - I am grateful to have a job that enables me to have a great work-life balance.
• I spoke to my family again today and shared a few more details of my business plan with them. It was great to hear my Dad's enthusiasm for the concept. - I am grateful for parents who not only love me but also support my endeavors.
• I managed to get in a pilates class at the gym and stock up on healthy food at the grocery store - I am grateful for the abundance of money that flows to me allowing me to pursue fitness classes I enjoy as well as purchase fresh and healthy foods.

• I felt a littel crabby today overall and I know its because I'm probably PMSing and I have been going to bed too late. - I am healthy, well-rested and aware of my emotions and their root causes. I take care of myself and am conscious. I do not allow external factors to impact my mood or attitude.
• I was told I ahve a $300+ balance at the gym that they were unable to process on my Credit Card. I know this is some sort of mistake, but they would not resolve it until I bring in my credit card statements to show the transactions went through. This annoyed me. - This issue will be quickly and easily resolved in the next couple of days. All outstanding balances will be cleared with no hassle and exchange of funds.

Nothing today!

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