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I have this amazing "friend", a guy who has been a singer/songwriter for 40 years. He's an older man, but still can rock it on the stage.....what a fun guy! This year has been all about finding my inner Divine Feminine, a part I've been disconnected with for years. So in this guy walks.....with all these feminine qualities!!! He listens, he talks from the heart, he cries! (In 25 years I never saw my ex husband cry.) He has brought MANY things into my life that I did not even know I was missing, one of which is music. He comes over with his guitar and sings in my home. WOW what a cool thing to have a professional singer belting out these tunes over my kitchen table....its an unbelievable experience that I stirs up my own creativity. I'm so grateful!

So yesterday morning as I was laying in bed meditating, out of the blue comes this GORGEOUS song about the Earth just emerged out of this deep, connected place. I sang it for him and he began harmonizing with me......oh it was LOVELY! He then said we may record it in his studio! What an honor!!!! This is SOOOOOOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! I really love my life!

I love you Joni!

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Comment by Dayana on April 30, 2008 at 9:37pm
Wow! that is really cool! I would love to hear that song someday :)
Comment by Ken Seavert on April 30, 2008 at 9:31am
Awesome, I love music for moments like this.

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