The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello everyone,
So I wanted to back and update everyone as far as where I am in my challenge. I realized that I haven’t kept track of what day of my challenge I was on, well its day 58 today. Now that I am more than half way through I want to really narrow my focus and allow myself to be more disciplined. I just came back from a conference with my business in Milwaukee, where I got to here leaders of my business speak. Something I noticed about them was that there was always this quality that I couldn't nail down, but I just knew I always felt better around them. Now I realize Its authenticity, they are the most honest, open, helpful, and real people I have ever met. I met up with a gentlemen named Howie and one thing he mentioned stood out for me, There were maybe 8-10 people standing there, and someone said " I have always had trouble with being organized..." and he basically said that while there is some technical side to getting organized and prioritizing, that the big issue is speaking what you want. Every time you speak negative you create that for yourself.

As I have been around these people in my business, I have come to learn that success is the process of growing yourself as a person, that right living cannot be separated from success. I have noticed that I do try to surmount my troubles, I know that I need to work on X and that I need advice on Y, rather than speaking what I want to take place. So now I am speaking what I want always. In fact I can change the way I look at things, As I mentioned earlier one of my goals was to help 20 people change their lives in a significant way through my business whether for them that is getting their health and fitness on track, creating a couple extra hundred dollars on the side, or creating financial freedom and a legacy for their family. Also my shipment of Perfect water, the product I have been talking about in past blogs, just shipped today. Its one of the best product I have ever seen, I just found out they are working on getting it to china for use in the olympics! The way I view it, I am looking for 20 people who want help, out of 300,000,000 in the U.S. alone, I can do that, I will do that, I am doing that, They are on their way to find me!


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