The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Yes it appears I can only count by twos!
Well back to nanny-ing the kiddies since yesterday. Not so bad a job really, but I'm counting down the days till I'm done. Yes I want kids some day but not this year. And definitely not FOUR! Tara is working on Sainthood I swear. I only take care of two and Im exhausted by the end of the day. A month and a half and I go back to one job. I think EVERYONE is going to be glad when that happens haha.
Apparently my sanity is missed by all.
As for my manifestations those are going pretty durn well!!! Though I cant wait for the actual surgery, Id LOVE LOVE LOVE to feel full. But the protein diet seems to be working on the fat slowly but surely. And I cant complain at all since it looks like Ill be ready for surgery a month earlier than expected.
What more can I say?
Nope cant think of anything else. I need a nap haha.

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