The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am manifesting beyond my wildest dreams. I purchased a new car tonight it is the most beautiful car in the world you will all see this car very soon on my photos. I originally saw the car 18 months ago in a petrol station and I said to the guy driving it that I will be getting one of these ( Thankyou universe ) It is exactly the same colour .I originally said to a previous salesman that I wanted to pay $20000 , he said that he couldnt do that so I went to a dealer tonight and I purchased the next model up a turbo version and it cost me $21490( thankyou universe ) .I traded in my old car which is my ex-husbands old car and the old house that we lived in together I have sold will settle over the next few days , feelings of emotion have swept over me all night i am very teary even writing this blog .

I let go of the old and i allow the universe to flow amazing new people and situations to me.
I deserve to be and have everything I desire and dream off. I deserve to live a great life .
Life is a true gift I cherish it every day .
I deserve to be happy . I deserve to prosper , I deserve to be loved and to love , I deserve to be peaceful , I deserve to be joy , I deserve to let all my good to flow to me , I deserve to feel good about myself , I deserve to honour my feelings , I deserve to trust the process or life , I deserve to be happy , I deserve to be cherished , I deserve .
I am gratefull that Sandy had Tayler for me whilst I went shopping for my new car , I am grateful I got a great price on my car , I am grateful that Lou made my lunch for me today , I am grateful that I got lots of exercize at the shop today ,I am grateful I was able to sign the document at Wanneroo , I am grateful that I am sitting in my bed writing this blog on my lap top , I am grateful that , I am grateful that I was able to do lts of affirmations today at the shop,I am grateful that Brad did the document for me ,I am grateful the car dealership is going to do my finance for me ,
Thankyou Thankyou !!!!

Love Michele xooxoox

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