The 100 Day Reality Challenge

100 Day Reality Challenge Season 1 Day 86/100

I can't believe that I've come this far so fast. I am already planning for my season 2 while I work to wrap up season 1. I was honored to be a part of the 2nd meeting for the 100 Day Reality Challenge and received a lot of great vibes and new insights. I have been sharing with everyone a great book that I recently finished called "Make the Impossible Possible" by Bill Strickland. It is amazing! While speaking with Carol Miller, regarding the recent Free Hugs outing in Chicago, she made a comment about how she wished that she could always feel the way she does during Free Hugs. That statement brought to mind a qutoe from the book where Bill tells about his love of jazz music and that his goal in life is to "Make his life swing!" I told Carol about it, and how she is working to do that with her Positive Focus Group and intentions. She is also going to check the book out for possibly being the next Positive Choice Book Club selection. I really hope that it is, because everyone can gain insight and inspiration from this story. This conversation also made me realize that I need to keep focused on doing the same. I have made great strides in my challenge thus far, but I am really excited about where I will go next. Thanks to everyone that is here encouraging each other and keeping the vibration high for all to benefit from!

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