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Today we spent most of day in town. We went for a lovely meal at my favourite restaurant in town. I'm struggling with my daughter to eat, she has been a fussy eater but lucky enough my son loves food, he eats anything! I need to be more positive with my daughter with her eating. She only likes a small variety of foods and her favourite is sausages which is so unhealthy.
We needed to go food shopping today but I had the urge to to get some beads for my jewellery making. I really want to start my career going and I'm feeling really positive about it so now is the best time to start. Anyway we went shopping and went to a massive craft shop that I've been wanting to go to for ages but it is a bit of a walk away from the main shops but I went at last. It was so amazing to see so much crafty bits and bobs. We were in there for ages, my daughter loved it! She wanted everything and so did I! It was so good to see loads of jewellery making accessories and all those lovely beads. It was hard to choose but I bought a few semi precious stones and colourful beads. I want to make something with a healing stones as I've always been into stuff like that. I also bought another jewellery book called "Jewelry making & beading for dummies" as my other book is too advanced for me right now. My daughter wanted a jewellery making kit so I got her one. Its funny a lot of my visions over the last few years of my future is in my dream house and when my daughter comes home from school she comes in my workshop and helps me with my jewellery or we go swimming in our swimming pool. I can really see this happening now she loves making jewellery.
I was a bit negative on the way home as when my partner paid for all the stuff and it came to more than he expected so he said a few things that triggered my old thinking pattern. He was saying that I'd better not give this up like I usually do. I then started doubting myself and thinking it takes many years for professionals to be successful why would I be different. Lucky enough I discussed it with my partner when we got home and he was surprised I still thought like that after reading my books. He flicked through my new jewellery book and was really enthusiastic about it which made me too. He knows more about the names of the tools than I do just by reading a few pages. I'm so grateful for his support:)
P.S I tried to give up smoking again today but I lasted till 1pm. I was thinking too much about it this morning, I need to relax and stop stressing about it!

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Comment by Yvette Marie on October 11, 2008 at 10:54am
So interesting and nice that one of my first CCR friends likes making jewelry. I haven't looked any shops here yet with beads but did happen to find some in a discount outlet type of store.I hadn't even intended to continue making jewelery when I came to france but seeing thoes beads stirred up the desire in me again. My friend who sells the pieces in NY sent me tools, wire etc. I'm still shy about sharing my designs with the whole network but maybe I'll get the courage to share with u 1st.
Read something interesting in my LOA book that seems to keep realting to several people and myself the past few days of exploring the site. When you spend time with someone who points out your flaws when your with that person their perception of your flaws becomes your point of attraction. Henceforth your doubting yourself when he said what he did about you not giving up jewelery making like everything else. Maybe it dosen't relate but it made me think of that passage in the book. I love how you consistantly find the positives.You go girl. Sorry to keep commenting on these past blogs and making you go back if you do but I find them so interesting.
Comment by PJ on May 1, 2008 at 3:05am
Hi Zara, I came across this page when I was doing some research for my business plan and thought of you as it seems to have quite a bit of good information for people starting a jewelry line: Things seem to be moving along wonderfully for you! Stay focused on your visions and your dreams will flourish before you know it! PJ

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