The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 18- Little improvements lead to happiness!

I am so happy I started the 100 day challenge. I have noticed an overall improvement in my emotional and mental well being. This has cause me to feel better physically too! Even if I am not having a good day, I feel as though I can deal with it and move past it. I have given up dwelling and feeling sorry for myself.

I feel healthy. I have been working out on a regular basis, and I actaully like it (I used to hate it)! And not to be too graphic or anything but I usaully get horrible painful cramps every month that are so bad that I can't do anything till I am medicated. But not this month, it was such a pleasant surprise.

Also, lately I have been getting these random moments during the day where I just feel so happy that I could burst. Nothing special brings them about, like today I had one while bringing the trash out. I just get this warm, light, happy feeling and I cant help but smile.

I am grateful for finally waking up, even if it took a chain of horrible events to open my eyes. I never knew how to live anything but my emotions, I am glad to finally take control!

Today's gratitude list-
1- friends and familt
2- music
3- happiness
4- healthiness
5- feeling fit and motivated
6- nice warm shower
7- youth
8- learning
9- being able to relax
10- seeing positive results

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Comment by Yasmin Al Amira on April 30, 2008 at 10:48pm
I dedicated 'headed in the right direction' by India Arie I feel the message definitely is implying to'll love it. It's on my play list if you want to listen. I'm happy your

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