The 100 Day Reality Challenge

This or Something Better....Day 24/100

Life is flowing fast now and I am riding the current. I did not get the speaking job so of course I asked or said to God, the universe, consciousness....this or something better. I have listened to the positive thinkers and read the books and I listened and said about the job, this or something better. Well the universe has a way of listening and responding to a request. My mom who is always creating crisis in order to be close to me once again created the" I am sick and take care of me crisis." I have been meaning to manifest a new house anyway and I hate that she is alone and creating these problems. Now I am forced to find a big house. My daughter who is 18 also decided to come home and this also forces me to change.

My back-up plan was to get into upgrades in Irvine if the other gig didn't go through. So today I was driving and thinking, if we are going to move anyway, my mom has to come anyway, Chuck and Shelbi need new jobs anyway and I need a whole lot more money anyway....why not just look and see if the Irvine office of Wyndham has an opening. Guess what, they did and I applied and I have an interview and I don't know if I will get this but it is always....this or something better. We will have to move but I know I can do this job. I will make a lot of money and I like the company. I am aready working for them and houses aren't that much more in Orange County. Chuck has way more opportunity to work in some form of entertainment and it is all a great adventure anyway....

I am still in the moment and all is well in my world.

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Comment by Belle on May 1, 2008 at 1:09am
that post struck me as being very sweet. well done!


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