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I am gradually getting our stuff together for the move into our new house. All of a sudden our present house seems so tiny, so hard to move and just well, not fun to be in. We have 4 kids, in a very very small 3 bedroom house. Our eldest son lives in a caravan out the back. The new house we have bought has 4 bedrooms inside and one bedroom and living area inside the garage and about twice as much space.

Today was a great day. I have been planning what furniture the kids will need for their individual rooms. Our 11 year old has never had her own room and for most of the time has been in a bunk bed. Oh and she needed a new desk for her studying and a bookcase. Today in my meditation I stated that today I was going to find all of the things she needed, all at a great price and just perfect for her. We went garage saling soon after. The first house we found a great desk, brand new, never ever used and about $50 which was $70 cheaper than one I had seen in the shops....COOL. I found a great bookcase at the next garage sale, $20 and perfect. Two more sales there was nothing of interest, but at the very last one, which I almost didnt go to, we found the most beautiful girly brass bed (we already have the mattress). It is perfect and was only $40. So for $110 her room is furnished and now she can have the rest of the money that I had budgetted ($190) to buy new sheets and doona covers and lamps and such. She is so excited. Most importantly though, we are sticking to our guns about paying cash for everything, sticking to a budget well, and only using the saved money left from the budget to treat ourselves. In the past, we did not plan expenditure at all. Both of us are very impulsive and although it never got us in trouble, now is the time to salt some away, and to be more thoughtful about what we do, and how we spend. We can have it all if we plan.

We are moving into a new era as a family. One of economic stability, planning, foresight and abundance. Thanks to getting a great price on this house, we have nearly 12 months of mortgage repayments saved as well as a good rainy day fund. Now our plan is to add to that on a monthly basis.

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Comment by Cherie on May 5, 2008 at 12:36pm
Wow, how exciting! I'm soo happy for you. I can only imagine what that feels like. :D

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