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Cognitive Shifting to Change Your Mood During the Day

Cognitive Shifting to Change Your Mood During the Day

I recently read a good book called "Take Charge of Your Mind" by Paul Hannam and John Selby. At first glance it appears to be another book on improving your performance in the workplace. However, on further examination, the authors cover quite a lot of ground that primarily draws strength from Source Energy, the Universe, and the Law of Attraction.

The most striking idea to me in the book is "Cognitive Shifting." The authors define Cognitive Shifting as "the ability to move readily between different states of mind in order to optimize mental performance." Imagine shifting to optimum moods and mental states, whenever you want to or need to, in order to make further progress.

This is VERY interesting since we know from the Law of Attraction that it is important to visualize what you want with positive emotion-- that is with hope, faith, confidence, happiness, passion, joy and positivity that you are attaining what you desire.

Catching yourself in a negative mood, observing the relentless chatter of your undisciplined mind, and realizing you are not the sum total of your thoughts or behavior, but part of something much greater-- these are the mental moments that we must strive to make more frequent. Observing our thoughts as an outsider looking inward. By doing so we can make a Cognitive Shift in thought to alter our state of wellbeing and ultimately our state of Being.

It is explained something like this: "The trick to successful consciousness management is knowing how to relax and shift away from particular mental tensions and fixations, so that you break free from bothersome emotions or thoughts or memories-- and then redirect your mind's power of attention in more positive directions."

You can do this by taking several steps. Meditation will help you achieve this focus and power of direction much faster, just as doing the recommended exercises in the 100 Day Challenge will help. Journaling, Videos, Vision Boards, schedules and lists, whatever it takes for you to focus more often on what you want, what gives you joy, what you are passionate about, rather than their negative counterparts.

Here are some recommendations for retraining your mind to practice Cognitive Shifting:

Be Alert. Feel Better.
Shift your thinking from being distracted, bored or lost to feeling fully present, alert, and responsive, while enjoying the present moment.
How? Find the thoughts for YOU that take you there-- your favorite place, person, thing to do, whatever brings a smile to your face.
Stand Up, Breathe, Take a Walk for a few minutes.

Stop Worrying. Feel More Confident.
Put aside anxious thoughts, feel more grounded, positive, and healthy-- radiate confidence, calm, and clarity.
How? See the Big Picture. Who You Are, Why You Exist, Your Purpose in this World to Help Others.

Communicate With Empathy.
Shift Your Attention and Energy towards Positive Emotions that spread Trust, Cooperation, and Respect-- Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence and Networking with Others at Higher Levels.

Boost Your Self Esteem.
Quiet self-criticism and feelings of inadequacy by Accepting Yourself, Wholeheartedly, As You Are Right Now, In This Moment.
Be Optimistic, Charismatic, and Enjoy a Positive Self Image-- Enhancing Your Popularity and Leadership.

Solve Problems More Creatively.
Shift Your Focus and Attention Beyond conventional, uninspired thinking and mediocre solutions-- Think Outside the Box.
Draw on Source Energy and Collective Thought for Inspiration. Be more Creative and Innovative in developing new ideas
and solving problems by Integrating All Five of Your Mind's Intelligence Sources: Sensory Perception, Conceptual Thought,
Emotional Experience, Memory & Imagination, Intuition & Wisdom. Use All Five of These instead of just one or two at a time.

Tap Your Visionary Wisdom.
Shift Away from being stuck in short-term thinking and cleverness Towards Making Contact with Your Deeper Perspective and
Generating Intuitive Vision-- Think More Strategically, See the Big Picture, Make Wise Decisions.

Act With Integrity.
Decide and Implement the Right Decisions, not the easy ones.
State Your Underlying Purpose, and then Act with Courage and Integrity.

By adding Cognitive Shifting to your mental arsenal of tools to exercise and retrain your brain, you will grow in leaps and bounds in the Law of Attraction. You will focus better, cope better, deal with and resolve problems better, be happier, and follow your life's blueprint that much more closely and attain it's objectives that much faster in life. Just Be.

Meditation for Dummies: Calm Yourself. Concentrate on your breath through your nose for 30 seconds. Concentrate on your breath going in
and out of your chest and abdomen at the same time focusing on your breath though your nose. Repeat. Do for at least 15 minutes. Set a
timer or use several meditation songs to set a time frame for you.

Science states that focusing on 2 or more sensory inputs at once will calm your mind from random thoughts faster than years of forced, disciplined thought control during meditation. Anyway, I read it somewhere, tried it, and it works for me. I also bought and listen to meditation
music in the morning when I meditate also. I like the Tibetan singing bowls and Om chants. Music helps me focus for 15-20 minutes on Just Being. My day always seems to go better, and my Cognitive Shifting exercises seem to be more frequent and meaningful also. The mind needs to be trained and worked out or it will take on a life of its own. I try to think of my goals and objectives as often as possible. This keeps me on task, on focus, brings me joy, and takes me to a place where I see things happening now and see myself having what I want in life now. It is this thought more than effort that will create the life you want to lead. It makes the doing much easier, and the effort required to achieve it less. Try it! The Law of Attraction and Cognitive Shifting. It's Addicting.



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Comment by Masha on June 23, 2008 at 9:26am
This is great, thank you for sharing!
Comment by Georgia on May 5, 2008 at 10:34pm
Cognitive Shifting is a great tool. :) Thanks for sharing.
Comment by Lena on May 5, 2008 at 5:30pm
I think I tried to comment on this before...! But I loved this entry, thank you Sunsurfer, it is very inspiring and I'm going to make a point of learning these little tricks :) I hope I see a difference!

Thank you!
Happy Manifesting,
Comment by Lena on May 5, 2008 at 3:59pm
Well hello there Sunsurfer :)

This is such an inspiring blog entry, thank you so much for sharing it. The book sounds so insightful, and yes through the Law Of Attraction we do learn how to shift our thoughts, but it's so great to see it broken down!! I find this so helpful! :) Thank you, I think I'll read this as I start my day tomorrow morning.

Also, lovely meditation for dummies hehe, I have meditating really has helped me too!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this entry!!

Happy Manifesting!
Comment by Jo-Jo on May 5, 2008 at 12:27pm
awesome!! I love to mediate as well.. Using them at work and draining from the source is what I need to work on!! Great info!!
Comment by Gary Bosko on May 5, 2008 at 8:17am
Fantastic ~ some good ideas here!

Thanks for sharing,

Comment by Linda Hannah Young on May 5, 2008 at 5:53am
Inspiring...thank you,

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