The 100 Day Reality Challenge

First, thanks to so many of you for making me so welcome! What a great and caring group!
Today is my day 5 and I did some interesting things. One of my intentions is to improve my work situation. I work with people I love and who love me. I enjoy my job and find great meaning in it for the most part. What I object to is the unrealistic expectations. So, I spoke to one of my bosses about that today. It was difficualt in that it is hard to stand up for myself sometimes. But it was easy in that she really likes my work and wants me to remain there. I am praying that I can do my work and still take care of myself.
When I got home, I began cleaning the yard of the dead and brittle rements of last season, and my prayer and meditation was that God would clear my life of the dead and unfruitful thoughts and actions to produce new fruit, fully alive and growth.
So, in essence, this 100 Day Challenge is like spiritual gardening. I am clearing away the old and planting new seeds.
I love Spring!
Blessings to all,

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