The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Perhaps a powerful part of this process is not only focusing our intentions on what we want to manifest, but also experiencing and discovering what we don't want. Anxiety and discomfort may serve as powerful and positive tools for change. In other words, I have had some disturbing experiences these last few days, and plan to add improving my job situation on my vision board. Sometimes a "Series of Unfortunate Events" can be threshholds for change. As I said in a previous vlog, Spring is a good time for clearing out the old to make room for new growth. So, as I plant flowers, herbs and vegetables in my yard, I affirm that I am willing to release old constricting beliefs to make room for the new intentions maifesting in my life. Just as I see the Oak Tree in the Acorn, I realize that as I speak these intentions, within the saying lies the intentions already manifested. Blessings

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