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100 Day Reality Challenge Season 2 Day 1/100

Well, Season 1 has ended and Season 2 is upon me! I love this! It is so helpful in guiding me toward my true path. I feel so much better the first day of this season versus the first day of season 1. I have completed my Day 100 video on Youtube and need to learn how to upload it onto this site...something about embedded codes that I am not familiar with, but will be soon. I will do my Season 2, Day 1 video today and kick off my new season! This season I want to focus more on the universal laws and playing with them in a fun way to see what I can manifest. I will use some of the games in "Ask and You Shall Receive" by Abraham-Hicks.

Oh, and for anyone panning on doing the Master Cleanse. I just finished the 10th day,yesterday, and it was great! I feel great and look 100% better. It really wasn't difficult at all. If you have any questions please ask!

Happy co-creating!

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Comment by Carol M on May 16, 2008 at 12:10am
Congrats Jennifer on season 1 and enJOY season 2 :) Much Love, Carol
Comment by Joni on May 15, 2008 at 10:18pm
Hi, Jennifer! CONGRATULATIONS on completing Season 1. I told you I would deliver a star, and here it is: * .................:D WHO ROCKS!?

Thanks so much for posting about the Master Cleanse. I'm beginning in the morning (Fri, the 16th) and its good to hear that you loved it. I'm really nervous, but I am about to adopt your attitude that this will be exciting and teach me about myself, and I know it will! I'm going to transform my fear into power and balance!

Good luck with Season 2. You have a fabulous attitude and really work it!


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