The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 18 of My 100 Day Reality Challenge
Today my intentions are a peaceful heart, better health while saying yes to every present moment.

At church today is our "May Crowning", and I love the concept of honoring the feminine. Mary is called , "The Fiat" in that she said yes when the angel announced she would become pregnant with God's Son.
Whether you believe this story as literal or not, the value is the same. Mary is the icon of the deep "yes" to any present situation. I often wonder if Mary had plans for her life other than what occured. I also wonder about all that IS NOT written about her. I believe her to be strong, faith filled and courgeous. wise and kind.
In a asense, all of us are Mary, in that we are pregnant with "God's Son", meaning possibility. The possibilities for us are endless and miraculous.
I am grateful to Mary and all of the Heavenly Helpers who guide us and help us each day with our positive intentions for ourselves and the world. So, I think my greatest intention today would be to remain open hearted and receptive to the miraculous.
Ave Maria+

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Comment by crystalspirit on May 30, 2008 at 3:05am
Beautiful post, Sherry! Mary has a special place is my heart as well..

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