The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Ok, today is 103, only because I am not yet ready to start a new challenge, and havent quite finished this one.
Next Tuesday, we will be in the process of moving house. A major manifestation for us! We have been in our current house for most of our married life.....17 years or so. For us, moving on was such a major step. We have been through so much in these four walls. We went through recovery from addiction, the confrontation and eventual forgiveness of abusers, postnatal depression, attempted suicide, almost separation, diagnosis of 2 with autism, melanoma. OMG, when you list it all, its amazing we survived. On the bright side, I started life as a clean person, recovered from abuse, was able to forgive and move on, bought home 4 beautiful children, moved forward as a strong Mum with special kids, started a business,and got two university qualifications and a tech college certificate. I am unlimited in what I do for a living....I have a large variety of skills. I have a happy marriage and happy children who know I love them unconditionally and with passion. I have the courage to stand up for what I believe in and will fight tooth and nail for what is important to me. I am able to let go of things that are negative and embrace positive.
Next Tuesday we start a new history for our family. We open our children up to new possibilities, finding their passions in life.
We start a new era of being very sociable and inviting people to share our lives and our home.
We start a time of new independence. We start a time of peace and harmony. We start a time of financial awareness and abundance.
We move forward with a less cluttered existence with far fewer belongings, but knowing the items that are important to us. We move on with light hearts and huge expectations of a wonderful future in our new home.

Now to pack for what for us is a huge journey.

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