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Did anyone else here join in with Andie and friends to practice a meditation at the Wesak full moon last night? Well I endeavoured to from my quiet corner of the world, even though it was at 2.49am and I fell into a deep sleep afterwards! I was struggling at first to relax, my mind raced as all sorts of trains of thought surfaced, some were even angry and dark - probably just a reaction to stress I've been holding on to - which made me laugh considering the nature of the meditation. As I let it go and breathing deepened I finally started to get some interesting imagery about the full moon. The moon rise from the south east earlier that evening was in fact a brilliant orange colour but in my minds eye I saw it as silver, yet instead of the familiar pattern of a face on its surface which our collective mind makes I saw two figures very clearly, a man and a woman. At first the thought came to me they were brother and sister then it occured to me they were twins. There was a bright star and constellation above it and to the right. I'd have to recreate the time with the planetarium to know what stars they may have been but the association was very strong as was the energy coming from the two figures. By the way any suggestions on the interpretation of this sort of imagery is welcome. The second memorable dream-like sequence I had later that night after the meditation was just as abstract if not more so. I was in the Andes (Andie's?!) mountains overlooking some ancient archaeological dig site which had uncovered a patchwork of old metal mining sites along some hidden seams close to the dry and dusty surface. The thought occured that it had been piecemeal and largely ineffective at uncovering the metal beneath. At that point there was a huge electrical storm and the ground around the mining site was repeatedly hit by light(e)ning and the metal fused. I was able to reach into the earth and pull out a huge piece shaped as a golden eagle, wings spread. Other people started to arrive at the site, military perhaps, and I had to leave and take the eagle to safety. All very odd I know but a vivid dream none the less. However you interpret the symbolism, I'm certainly feeling the energy of this full moon even if my body clock has gone a little haywire. Hopefully tonight will be more restful. Sweet dreams.

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Comment by Sherry Frachey on June 25, 2008 at 9:45pm
Hi Chris,
Yes, I love lunar meditations and dreams. Here are some insights from a Jungian perspective. Carl Jung was a psychological theorist.
Your dreams are extremely powerful and healing. In Jungian terms, they are your subconscious/ soul speaking to you about your own developement and growth. If any of these suggestions don't work for just, simply press "delete" ; > )
You said in the beginning of your blog that "all kinds of thoughts surfaced", and then spoke later (in resolution) of metal mining sites, with hidden seams "close to the surface". Perhaps your thoughts are the seams, and the treasures lay just beyond.....These sites were located in mountains...which may speak of transcendence and a higher perspective. And the eagle of honesty and strength. The military is the critical mind. My guess is that you are protecting yourself from inner criticsm.
Twins may speak of Gemini or the "anima and animus", which Jung believed every person radiated. Each person has a masculine and feminine....... twins can also speak of cognitive dissonence...meaning a conflict between your inner thoughts and beliefs or who you are and who would would like to become.
The mining site may be your spiritual (or another aspect) development, and the lack of skill at exposing and benefitting from the precious metal may speak of frustration / development of patience. The electrical storm is very significant, and I beleive by now you may already know what form that metaphor is taking to help you uncover or manifest your hidden treausres.
Metal is the most interesting...... earth, wind, fire, water, metal. I am eager to hear about your hidden treasures as they manifest.
Hope that helps a bit. If not, press delete now!
Comment by Dayana on May 20, 2008 at 2:21pm
Hey Chris, I joined the meditation from my own quite corner of the world! I felt it was a really powerful experience, and i enjoyed it very very much. I think there were a lot of us connected!!


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