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So I woke up at 5am...starting thinking about my grandma's that have passed away and started crying. I started thinking about God...and church...and what people believe. Well I honestly think that we are all walking around with our own perceptions of what we THINK God is...Some people think they HAVE to go to a church, they HAVE to go to a certain building and do certain rituals in order to not burn in hell...That because some MAN wrote a book we have to follow it or else we will get "in trouble"


Well I believe God is a lot different then that and I have always known since I was a child. You shouldn't have faith in God just because you are scared of his "wrath". You shouldn't go to church and sit there and wish you were out at the beach, because if you DO actually believe in God then he knows you don't want to be there so doesn't that defeat the purpose? 


I think that God doesn't care if you go to a building and recite passages from a book. I think God would rather have you at the beach enjoying your day, then only going to do this church thing because you were told you have to. Maybe God would like you to be out there living each day as a good person, and doings as much good as you can in your life. Doesn't that make more sense? Isn't that the true "Christian" way? Do as God would do. & That's it! Be a good person! & You wont have to be afraid of some "hell" a man wrote about in a book a long time ago.


The God I know is full of love. He isn't angry and vengeful. 


Be a good person, help people, pay it forward and you will be closer to God then a building with a steeple could ever bring you.

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