The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 2 of the 100 Day challenge

“I use my routine and regimen to grow and be in tune with my life purpose”

1. I have an Abundance of Wealth and Health
a. 20 Days of 7 meals a day
i. Take vitamins daily
ii. Fast on New and Full moon
b. 20 days of meditation and exercise
i. I do my Am and Pm meditation
ii. I Follow a set a workout plan
iii. I Walk twice daily at work
c. 20 days of GODDESS treatment and upkeep
i. I am on a plan to get regular upkeep
1. nails
2. eyebrows
3. hair
ii. I am getting acupuncture weekly
iii. I am getting chiropractics and deep tissue massage bi weekly
iv. I get a facial monthly
d. 40 days to blend them all together and make them habit
e. I am on my budgeted plans and I grew my savings by 25%

2. To grow NlitenedSoulz and Tamika LaShelle
a. I Finish and publish the ACR workbooks
i. 1 days conferences
ii. retreats
b. I Finish Attaining Financial Freedom
i. It is put in manuscript format
ii. I have a green distributor (100% recycled paper and alternatively powered shop)
iii. It gets National attention in a positive way
c. All three radio shows are NlitenedSoulz top priority
i. We have big names come through
1. Nationally known individuals
a. Navasha Daye (Positive Music/Healer)
b. Mambo Sauce (Positive Music)
c. Dr. Afrika (Wholistic Health)
d. Queen Afua (Wholistic Health)
e. Eryka Badu (Activist and Healer)
ii. We do fulfilling shows with content
iii. We bring more attention to the other Nlitenedsoulz projects
1. ACR
2. Comic strip
3. Vending
4. The Set
5. Tamika Lashelle and Kuroji Ntu
f. We receive over $25,000 in grants and funding
g. I put aside time to properly plan out NlitenedSoulz projects
i. I stick to the project plans
ii. I stick to the project budgets
iii. I have a strong back up plan for all projects
h. I think of Tamika LaShelle as a brand
i. I get TL products ready for market
ii. I get media packets ready
iii. I update TL’s website and connect it to NLS website

3. I connect to the community
a. I attend at least 2 outings monthly
b. We launch “Habari Gani SANKOFA” the community town hall meeting radio show
c. I highlight active community members
i. Help them prosper
ii. I bring recognition to their names
d. I am more active in the initiatives
e. I promote all WE do, especially NlitenedSoulz projects

Mainfest your deepest DESIRES!!!

Love is...

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