The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I feel so positive because we did a kid friendly version of vision boards this week. Each week when I do classroom presentations we take time to "make a wish". So, at the school year's end, I have been hearing so many stories about manifesting their "wishes" "dreams" "goals" "intentions".....I don't really care how they label them....whatever works. Please keep in mind that many of these students face some astounding obstacles. Here are some memorable quotes.

"I wished my mom and dad would get along and they stopped fighting."
"I wished for a better house and a purple bedroom and it came true."
"I wished for chicken for dinner and we had chicken that night!"
" I wished my mom would stop smoking and she did!"
So, we are making a wish book to inspire other students to keep "wishing".

I am trying to be assertive and proactive about my current job situation, and have asked for one school instead of two. My boss agreed, but she offered me the school where I don't want to work. I took a couple of days and prayed for clarity, and feel this is a perfect opportunity for me to say NO and to manifest what I really want...what is best for me. I have been teaching for about 32 years, and usually get tough assignements because I am effective with troubled students. But this time, I am breaking free oif that energy, because I am very clear about what I want, and what would be best for my health and well being at this point in my life. This kind of stand has only happened to me once before in my life...when I broke with my first husband, which was extremely difficult, and now. It feels like the same energy..... So, on this day 29 of my 100 day challenge, I am asking for a miracle. I intend to work at my home school (Iles) next year.

I would appreciate any prayers or positive intentions from you, my fellow co-creators. This is a stand is a difficult task for me, and I have been very emotional the past couple of days...not unmanagable, but too emotional to vlog this intention.
I know this is all happening for a reason, and that it is directly related to this spiritual exercise of the 100 Day Reality Challenge.

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Comment by crystalspirit on May 30, 2008 at 3:13am
Breaking the circle, go for it Sherry!! You're the only one who can express your true deeper feelings and make it happen Creative solutions will follow for sure.. keep focusing on your heartdesires!
(Btw I love the idea of making wishbook, thanks for your inspiration!)

xoxo Mascha
Comment by Yolanda on May 29, 2008 at 10:21pm
Sherry, Best wishes for all you desire in your life. I'm here on the road with you!
Comment by Aleta on May 29, 2008 at 8:47pm
Here is an on-going, wrap around prayer/intention; Sherry recieves now the clarity and strength that is releasing a brilliant flow of self love. From this ever increasing love, Sherry is recieving the exact right, fearless future, custom fitted to her! I know you are already really good at intentions, so think of this as heartfelt support!

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