The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I found a baby turtle!!! My friend Pierce called me today and I went to Baldwin Park with him and Scott. While we were walking I noticed the little baby turtle on the ground. Its so small, just a tad bit bigger then a quater. I picked him up and decided to keep him. The mortality rate of wild turtles is 99% so I figured the little guy would last longer with me. I AM SO EXCITED, turtles are my favorite animals (or should I say reptiles). I must admit I felt a bit guilty takng him away from nature, but I couldnt help it, he was too cute =]

After reading an article in a magazine, I decide to pick a different color everyday and pay specail attention to it. The author of the article went through a serious depression and while she was healing herself she described her obsession with the color orange. She said it made her feel happy and she could get enough of it. I Think by picking a different color everyday will be a great way to apprecaite more things. I think it is a good way to stay present.

I am working my vision board, it looks really good. Its not quite finished yet, but well on its way. I want to start to meditate more and blog everyday. I feel like I am being a slacker!!

The gratitude list
1- friends and family
2- everything blue! (todays a blue day)
3- my new pet turtle!!
4- beautiful weather
5- good food
6- dancing
7- laughing with friends
8- feeling stronger after a work out
9- long baths
10- feeling happy and making others happy
11- god

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Comment by Zara on May 31, 2008 at 12:14pm
I love turtle's! Your one sounds so cute, I'd love to see a photo of it! Have named it?

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