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Fabulous news, I actually studied today! I did feel alot of internal resistance again and most definately did not want to because I'm still internally in "I'll do it tomorrow" mode but I sat my butt down and studied for about 45 min. Then after dinner I continued for another hour so not bad. I'm feeling great about it and hoping to continue the momentum over the next few weeks till one by one all my exams are aced, because that's what i'm visualizing will happen so it is going to happen!

Another crazy positive thing happened today too, I actually felt this deep need to workout. I haven't worked out in about 2 years but today I desperately felt the need to, and don't get me wrong it was brutal while it was happening but I felt great afterwards. So I'm going to meditate as soon as I log off cause I have to keep strong with the affirming and meditating to aid in succeeding my goals but overall I'm super thrilled with how my day has gone and feel like I made about 3 steps up the mountain of studying that needs to be done. Yippie!!!

However my finances are a freak show right now as not only did my boyfriends truck break down 2 days ago but my car died today :( so we're not sure where we're going to scrape up the cash to pay for not one but two vehicles, but I'm doing my best to remain calm and reassure myself consistenly that we will find the cash and the universise will not let me down. take care fellow co-creators and hopefully I'll have more study success stories to come.

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Comment by Devika on June 6, 2008 at 4:51am
Bravo Magsy!! I am so happy to know that you're overcoming the internal resistance and studying.That's wonderful! I'm sure you'll surpass your expectations in these exams thanks to all the meditation and visualisation that you're doing so seriously.
I can totally relate to that desperate need to workout..happens to me if I skip my exercise for a couple of days.It's really weird and yes can be brutal as well...can you believe it that at times it happens when I'm ready to go off to sleep and I have to fight with myself not to get up and start exercising in the middle of the night!hahaha...funny isn't it:)
As far as your finances are concerned ,I'm sure the universe is in the process of providing you with an awesome opportunity to deal with that.It's going to happen all of a sudden.That's what 's happenning in my life...I'll put up a blog when I do manifest my goal of accumulating 1lakh rupees which hopefully is going to be pretty soon.
My best wishes are with you.I sincerely hope that you have plenty of study and other success stories to come!
Love and Prayers

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