The 100 Day Reality Challenge

May is a significant month for me, because I am a teacher. Teachers are wired differently than most people. We have this internal clock that sounds an alarm in middle May and August. Kind of like the tornado sirens last night.

When we here those tornado sirens, we get our dogs, candles, flashlights, blankets, spare clothes, food and other necessities and head to the basement with our battery operated televsion and radio. Sometimes the power goes out, sometimes not. Sometimes there is rain, thunder, lightening and hail. Ususally strong winds...and the sky. Before heading underground I always stop by the large picture window in the living room and look at the sky. Dark, ominus clouds, sometimes it looks like a big bruise. Someimtes I have a hard time tearing myself away because I want to watch. That isn't smart!; > ) I never know exactly what will come, but I know it's a storm, and I know it is very powerful, and I know it will pass. It always passes. There is tremendous energy in a storm. It can be destructive, but it can be tranformed into new beginnings.
So, this morning is "the morning after". Not too much to clean up today, thankfully. Sometimes it takes weeks to clean everything up.....trim trees, rake debris, beginnings on so many levels.

So, metaphorically, May and August are a teacher's "storm season". And I usually hunker down, do whatever needs to be done, and wait for it to pass. I try to remind myself that storms in life come and go. We can control our response to them, but can not control the times and seasons.
It is all about setting my intentions to bring about the highest good, what I call "God's will in my life". I do believe God has given us a lot of creative power, and this is a spiritual exercise to sharpen those skills....what I like to call faith. My faith has been challenged many times, and I constantly bring myself back into alignment with His will....."the power of intention".
So, if we are expereincing "good weather"...wonderful! Enjoy! If we are in "a storm",
hunker down, take care and wait for it to pass. All things pass.
We can transform the destructive energy into new beginnings.

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