The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I woke up today with a phone call from my old boss Janet. I got a job at the Bakery at Waldbuams!! I am so excited, I cannot wait to start working!

Little baby turtle is still alive!! I decided to name him cutie, because he is so damn cute!!

I finally finished my visionboard. It looks great, I'll post a picture once I figure out how to. I must have looked at dozens of magazines to find the perfect pictures. I put it right next to my mirror so I'll be sure to look at it everyday.

Life is sweet, the universe is treating me very well today!!

I can feel the difference in the quality of life since I first started the challenge. I am almost half way through, I canot believe how time flies! I feel better and stronger everyday.

I am going to try to meditate, because I have been slacking.

Todays gratitude list-
1- friends and family
2- getting a job at the bakery!!!
3- everything pink!
4- cutie turtle
5- the sound of thunder
6- health
7- youth
8- pierce!
9- having something to be excited about
10- summer!!

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Comment by Zara on May 31, 2008 at 8:03pm
Congratulations on getting the job! Its good to be excited.
I love the name of your turtle "Cutie". I told my partner last night I want one! I'm going to look into it.
Your challenge looks like its going really well:)

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