The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 92: Fun day and a red feather:)

Last night I watched some of chapter 9 A New Earth webcast before going to bed and I really missed hearing Eckharts voice. I haven't been thinking about A New Earth lately and realised that my ego is definitely still running my life! Anyway is was good to hear him again so I felt good going to sleep. I will finish the webcasts as it reminds me what our purpose is in life.

Today we went to a fun day at the new children's centre. Before we went I meditated for about 10 minutes and asked my angels to show me a red feather today. Ever since Shelaigh on the challenge said about sending a red feather I've been looking out for one. So when we walked in the children's centre my daughter went straight to a table to make a hand puppet and there was a big red feather standing out on the table. I couldn't believe it, it felt weird seeing it. I know there was many feathers there as there was all craft stuff there but it was the first thing I saw when I walked in and right next to where my daughter was making the puppet. No other feathers was on that table just that red one!

My daughter got her face painted for the first time. I met another new lady who has a son the same age as mine. They were playing together while we chatted. My partner was surprised how well I can talk to strangers. I just love chatting to new people now as I want to make friends in my area who have kids.

Also last night I found a 5 day free ecourse for sorting out my finances so I did lesson 1 yesterday and lesson 2 today. I will finish it before my challenge so I can see myself achieving that goal now.

Tonight we found out that my partners cousin from Australia is coming to stay with us next week for a while as she looks for work. She has been travelling around the world and is in Canada at the moment. I panicked a bit as the house is not the way I want it right now but at least this will give me the motivation to do it now. Even though its short notice I could see the positive. I will have the house cleaned from tip to toe by the end of my challenge now! Which will be a challenge as I'm going away for 5 days. This leaves me tomorrow to do all of it!! I know I can do it though nothing is impossible:)

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Comment by Shirah Penn on June 9, 2008 at 8:36am
Hi Zara, I want to hear more about the children's centre. Is that a place where you take your children? Your daughter looks adorable with her face painting. Love Gramma Shirah
Comment by PJ on June 1, 2008 at 8:26am
Hi Zara! Your manifestations of feathers never ceases to amaze me! Its great to see how your surrounded by so many and are still meeting more people. Good luck with your house-prep - just think how great you'll feel once its all done!

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