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I think it was Ruth who started a lively discussion a few months ago about how long it would take to form new positive habits and whether it could be done in less than 100 days. The concensus was under a month and Sue, if I remember rightly, cited some NASA research with astronauts that it could be done in 21 days. Well I just looked at my calendar this weekend and discovered I have 21 days of my season 2 left to go and wanted to focus on something useful for the time that I've never really got to grips with - exercise! Yes I exercise, but never enough or consistantly to meet my goals. Of course, if it was a habit I would feel differently about it and my mental image of myself would be transformed. Somedays I have to remind myself what a good athelete I once was - just getting part of that mindset back would be a great asset to carry forward into my season 3. Sooo ..... the power hour began after dawn this weekend! It may take an initial act of will but hopefully I'll just allow the morning exercise regime to become a part of my summer programme before too long. I don't mind what form it takes, a jog, cycle ride, even some tai chi if I can - just as long as I fulfill my promise to myself to become that fitter, happier and lighter me I know I can be.

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Comment by DonnaOnTheBeach on June 2, 2008 at 11:56am
That sounds like the answer! I love it when the answer is 'fun' - and to most questions, that is the answer. The most important thing (I think!) is not to beat yourself up about not doing something...just find something you want to do!x
Comment by Chris on June 2, 2008 at 9:27am
Hi Donna, yes certainly it was my mindset that changed - and not for the better - you could call it joie de vie that i got disconnected from and an annoying resistance to what made me feel good. The minset of an athelete is what I'd like back most - the rest would follow. Just thinking out loud here, I guess I need to have more fun around the whole area of fitness so it feels less like a solitary chore and more like a self-indulgent pleasure!
Comment by DonnaOnTheBeach on June 1, 2008 at 5:27pm
Hey Chris - just out of curiosity, what was different when you were "a good athlete" - your attitude, your outlook, your practices? I have got into the habit of going to the gym and the pool at least once a week...and if I have the time, 5 times! The difference from when I wasn't doing this? I was trying to do stuff I didn't enjoy! Good luck with your habit forming. Oh, and it was good to 'almost' meet you at the UK meetup! Will you be there for the next one? x
Comment by Zara on June 1, 2008 at 8:30am
Hi Chris, it was lovely meeting you the other day at the meetup. Your such a happy person!
I think habits take longer for some people as I'm nearly finished my challenge and I can see change but I still have some same negative thoughts. I know it can be done within 21 days but it probably depends on how much negative thoughts someone has.
I also want to get back into keeping fit. I did for the first half of my challenge but once I lost the weight I stopped. I found a good thing to help with my image of what I wanted to be like. I got a photo of myself when I was slimmer in my bikini and put it on the cuboard door of my snacks to remind myself of my image I used to be and can be:)
Comment by MerryTraveller on June 1, 2008 at 8:01am
i so needed this reminder right now!! especially this part: "if it was a habit I would feel differently about it and my mental image of myself would be transformed." THANK YOU!!


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