The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 50 (Season 1) : Feedback at the Equator coffee !! :)

Hi there, co-creators!
After weeks wihout posting anything about the progress of my first challenge season, I`m back!
I want to share the feedback of my goals and the bases of my vision board, and how them have changed!

My Goals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1.- Write short stories or begin my novel project!
2.- Travel to another countries, or make a trip with Andrea (my girlfriend)
3.- Pass all the exams at the University, and renew the scholarship.
4.- Have a healthy life, begining with cooking the 3 daily basicals.
5.- Enjoy and learn from my relationships!
6.- Support and encourage my friends and loved people to develop their inner potential.
7.- Be more positive, confident and calm.
8.- Write a diary with the 100 day experience. Evolution & Inspiration!
9.- Learn new web techniques (flash) and develop new projects!
10.- Read more frequently.
11.- Overcome the fear to ask or make university works about things that I think while I`m studying. No matter if they could sound stupid to others.
12.- Be more organized, constant and patient.
13.- Daily phone-call to mum
14.- Become responsable about my life, at daily things.

Today it´s a good day to sit in front of my computer with a coffee, and take a look to the past, and the future...
I´ve succesfully acomplished the strikethrought ones, and currently focusing at the underlined.

Noe that a month and half have passed since April 14, I realise that some of the goals haven´t been thinked carefully, and are not so important, but... the most important is that i`m really satisfied with how the things are going! I made a travel with my girlfriend, I`ve just passed one of the most hard exams from this academic year, my friends and I are united, mum is happy... and I still got many dreams to achieve! I´ll post more info about that.

From the deepest of my heart.
Thank you, co-creators!
And have a bless reality challenge!

Fer Ayguavives (Santiago de Compostela. Spain)

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Comment by Mafe on July 25, 2008 at 3:57am
Very nice,
Keep up with the inspiration & good vibe to continue with the journey:)
Comment by Alicia on June 8, 2008 at 1:15pm
Great progress! Keep us posted!
Best wishes, Alicia

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