The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 5 of series 4. New house, New beginnings

Hi everyone,
I havent been on much as we moved on the 27th of May and still havent got our broadband connected. (Im using mobile internet to do this)
Everything is going great in the new house. The kids are all happy and so am I. Its so much easier to keep clean.
Anyway, this morning I went to an alumni breakfast and the keynote speaker gave a talk about juggling family and work committments. I realised with the whack of a brick hitting me that really I do so much more with my day than most people. I juggle family, business, support and advocacy work and fundraising and most importantly, I do it pretty happily. So, the house isnt always the Taj Mahal (sp), but I am always the queen of overcommitting. I am there to support those who need it, I am there to help my kids with homework and therapy, I am there to help people with their finances and I am there to support my husband in his job. I realised that sometimes I am a perfectionist and need to let go of the reins every now and again. I need to relax, I need to be more able to say NO and mean it, I need to reconnect to people and life rather than rushing between everything. I need to just be still for a while.
Will be back online tomorrow YIPPEEEEE.....and I will show you our new digs. Until then....too hip to be square.

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Comment by crystalspirit on June 5, 2008 at 7:43am
Nice you've found a new place and it feels great, Janine! Indeed amazing you're combining it all I hope you'll find a way to relax more often and take some quiet time.. You deserve it!

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