The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 97/100, Season 1 - Beach time..

On to day 97 now!

• I had a pleasant taxi ride from the hotel to the resort today and it wasn't too expensive for the distance it actually covered. I had to wait a few hours for my room to be ready which was just as well as I managed to finish my work and email it off during that time allowing me to take a real relaxing breather for my beach time. My room has a lovely waterfront view and I took a quick nap before heading to the pool and beach.After relaxing at the beach I had dinner at the beachside hotel restaurant where they barbeque. Although I'm not crazy about the food I've had here so far, I really enjoyed my new favorite cocktail: Gin Fizz! - - I am grateful for having the opportunity to experience this.

• After heading to the pool and beach, I realized this is more of a family resort for locals, as I kept getting the stares again. People here are amazed that I am a woman traveling on my own and the staff at the hotel come right out and tell me so after ask if I am alone, which makes me both annoyed at the underlying sexist implications but also be a little intrigued by the difference in culture and somewhat sympathetic. Besides the staring and whispering though, the people I have come into contact with are all polite and nice. There is something very pure about them and you can tell they love their children and are happy people. - I will not be made to feel out of place here. The staring and whispering will subside.
• I also noticed that the women were not swimming here and if they were, they swam partially or fully clothed, probably to do with the Islamic culture. In order not to offend anyone in my swimsuit, I decided to stay out o fthe water and chilled out with a book on the beach instead. - I will not offend anyone during my stay here.
• There are quite a few mosquitos and flies here which makes it hard to enjoy food outdoors. - I will not get bitten excessively or sick from the insects here.

Nothing today!

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Comment by Zara on June 8, 2008 at 6:09pm
Hi PJ, when I was in Maylasia with my two girl friends we were getting stared at. They have such a strict culture we left after a week and went back to Thailand where it is much laid back. You would love Thailand its the 'Land of Smiles':)

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