The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 99/100, Season 1 - Frustrations and an adventure!

I skipped my blog yesterday, so here goes Day 99!

• I arrived in KL in good time (adventure described below under the next heading)....- I am grateful for the efforts of those involved.
• My 2 new friends met me in the lobby to give me a bag full of mangoesteen - a fruit that was literally forbidden in the hotel (because it can leave stains) and is apparently delicious! Can't wait to try them tomorrow! - I am grateful for the generosity of new friends!

• I thought I had my life organized today when I went to the hotel lobby early to get onto the shuttle to the bus station to get back to KL. I asked them to find out for me how much the bus would cost and in calling the station they found out all buses back to KL were fully booked! I was pretty peeved off since I had asked the girl at the desk the day before if I needed to book my seat on the bus and she said "no" as its easy just to get on one once you arrive at the bus station. Anyway, I kicked up a fuss and they managed to get me onto an earlier bus which meant I was speeding down the highway to catch it on an impromptu shuttle service. Anyway, I ended up back in KL in good time and things worked out fine, except for the fact that I had a real staring pervert sit next to me the whole way there, which was annoying. But I put my iPod on and ignored him which seemed to work fine for the most part. - I am grateful things worked out for me in the end and my envisioning and lack of doubt that it would work out helped me.

Nothing today!

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