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For Lilou and Laura on Day 40 of My 100 Day Reality Challenge

Last blog, I glibbly wrote about being on Oprah....and that intention stuck with me...... so I decided to write this letter to Michael Beckwith, one of the teachers on "The Secret" and on Harpo Radio. I wrote in once to Marianne Williamson, and was interviewed for her Valentine's Day show last Feb. 14th. . So, Lilou and Laura, I hope this is ok. It was written from my heart. It also had to be strictly edited to fit the 2000 character limit. ; > )

Dear Michael,
Life has a way of breaking people open, exposing that softest spot at the core of our being. This can also become a great blessing. In this sacred space, the Law of Attraction holds endless possibilities. As Eckhart Tolle says in "A New Earth", Life is bringing me the perfect experiences to awaken my consciousness."

I began my personal transformational work in the 1980's with Louise Hay. She literally saved my life. I was going through a very painful divorce and faith crisis. Those tragic events transformed into great blessings. Each wound brought with it-hidden treasures and massive amounts of psychic energy. I was determined to mine that energy and transform it into gold. That process of alchemy is what I believe the Law of Attraction is about. With every new challenge, I continue affirmation work, and have opened up to many alternative ways to promote healing. I began meditation and visualization for inner healing, among other holistic practices. After watching "The Secret" and "What the Bleep Do We Know?” my long-standing interest in the magnetic resonance of thought patterns was re-stimulated. The LOA has helped me to become more aware of these energy resonances, and tune in to the ones that bring healing and wholeness.
The transformation continues. Again, adversity becomes a great blessing when rightly perceived. And with right perception comes healing and miracles.

“The 100 Day Reality Challenge” is a community of caring friends dedicated to encouraging one another to grow the LOA in their lives, exercising it for their own good and for the greater good. This amazing grassroots network of “co-creators” can be found at, and is open to anyone. The membership includes people from a variety of backgrounds and countries. Two of the founding members, Lilou Mace and Laura Duksta have amazing stories of inspiration and triumph.
Thank you for all of the good you do for people and our planet!
Sherry Frachey

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