The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So many things have happened in the past 79 days. I started my Businesses. I am wokring hard at making them work. I have paid of one of my three bills I wanted to get rid of and have lost 15 pounds! I have also learned to show up and stand up for me. Im barely really NOT seeing my boyfriend anymore. This journey makes me see his extreme selfishness and because I no longer fullfill my needs through others things arent working out and we are communicating. But that is okay. Yes I have been very hurt but knowing that I know who I am dealing with and working on my issues helps me stay away from someone who only cares for themself. I hope that I will find true love with all the wonderful things that come with it but without cost to me or my integrity. I am enjoying these 100 days and look forward to starting again and refocus on my relationship and growing my businesses!

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Comment by Livinmybestlife on June 14, 2008 at 3:12pm
Hello! I enjoyed your comments here. I've learned the same thing that once you stop getting your self worth from other people and start focusing on self you really see truly who that person is. For so many years i depended on a man (boyfriend) to make me happy and i was truly miserable. Once we set standards for ourself and realize that we deserve to be treated well we will begin to create right relationships. I just wanted to encourage you and say release the old so you can receive the new! Great job on the weight loss and the business ! I know i'm probably reading this blog late but today is my 5th day on the challenge so a lot of friends old blogs are new for me. Be Blessed!

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