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Hi all... I have had a tremendous day, and evening. I do not understand how this works yet but I can say it is working for me in this short time. My husband and I have had the worst six months of our 13 year marriage and in the past four days I have saw so much healing between us and actual communication!
My youngest daughter and I have had a strained relationship for the past ten years and it all came to a very negative end last Friday when she announced that I was no longer her mother, yesterday she called to say she loves me and actually came over today and was very positive and sober.
My job has been a place of unrest for the past month with everyone afraid to move in fear that they would lose their positions and the negativity was so thick you could hardly breath there, today we were all laughing and joking around with eachother and I heard no negative talk whatsoever.
I have not had a migrain headache since last Friday. I usually average two to three per week. I am amazed.
I did get my workbook, I did not get the funds but went out on a limb and decided it was a tool that I really needed for this journey so I got it. I have been focusing on what I am grateful for and have been really "trying", no half measures.
I have always been the kind of person who focused more on my past and all the what ifs and why's and have never really been able to move forward. Today I was thinking about the fact that I havent even thought about my past in the last four days. So I determined that my past is gone, I went through what I went through for a purpose, I made the mistakes that I made for a perpose, and I cannot change one second of what has happened in the past so there really is no need to even think about it any more unless it can serve a purpose, like helping someone who may be going through what I did. I dont have to choose to pick it up and examine it with a microscope like I always have. I can take what I need out of my "past" file, only when needed to serve the greater good, then return it immediatley. The only things from my past that I want to keep with me are my good memories, the memories of my childrens smiles, my mothers face, the smells of Thanksgivings past. I do not have to choose to go anywhere in my past that doesnt have some kind of positive lesson for me or someone in need.
And today I am GRATEFUL for that.
Gratitude List for today:
I am grateful to God, I am grateful for my husband, my children, my grandchildren, my extended family, my friends, my new friends here, my car (which just got fixed tonight!), my dogs Odie & Abigail, my wonderful job, my supervisors, my co-workers, the patients I see, my home, my husbands job, my computer, my life. I am grateful for my health.
Things I want to work on:
Continue to journal, continue to experience life without stress and negativity, continue to catch my thoughts if they are not positive ones, continue to work on my family relationships, continue to learn more about this program. Watch the movie "The Secret", Listen to the audio book of "The Law of Attraction". Exercise
Good Night All

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Comment by Masha on June 26, 2008 at 8:02pm

well done! I am glad things are turning around for you. Keep following your dreams.
Masha x
Comment by Susan on June 26, 2008 at 3:46am
I am so glad your problems seem to becoming positive. I will watch you with progress. My posting today has something about other people that you might be interested to see so watch out.
Comment by crystalspirit on June 26, 2008 at 3:30am
Amazing Sandy!! Beautiful how this works!!!
Comment by Lisa on June 26, 2008 at 1:41am
Yeah Sandy! I am so glad things turned around for you, Keep it up!



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